Pond Repair & Renovation

Reviving Your Water Oasis

Serving the Greater Charlotte Region Since 2002

At Hoaglandscape, we understand that a well-maintained pond is the centerpiece of any beautiful garden. Whether it’s a leak, a malfunctioning pump, or simply a pond that’s lost its luster, our team of experts is equipped to restore, repair, and rejuvenate your water feature. We bring years of experience and a commitment to excellence to every project, ensuring your pond is not only functional but also a stunning part of your landscape.

Pond Repair Services

Solving All Your Pond Problems

  • Leak Detection and Repair: Leaks can be tricky, but our team uses proven techniques to quickly identify and fix them, whether it’s a low edge, leaky plumbing, or a hole in the liner.
  • Pump and Filtration System Repairs: A functional pump and filtration system are crucial for pond health. We replace and repair these systems using top-quality parts for long-lasting performance.
  • Liner Replacement: If a liner is beyond repair, we efficiently replace it, minimizing downtime and ensuring a watertight finish.

Renovation and Redesign

Transforming Old Ponds into New Retreats

  • Redesigning for Aesthetics and Functionality: We can transform your existing pond, enhancing its beauty and improving its functionality.
  • Upgrading to Latest Technology: Incorporating the latest in pond technology, we can make your pond more efficient and easier to maintain.
  • Natural and Aesthetic Enhancement: From adding natural-looking rocks and plants to adjusting the layout, we ensure your pond complements your landscape perfectly.

Waterfall and Fountain Repairs

Restoring the Charm of Your Water Features

  • Waterfall Repairs: We fix all types of waterfall issues, from water loss to unnatural appearances, ensuring they look and function beautifully.
  • Fountain Repairs: Our team can bring your outdoor fountains back to life, whether it requires a simple fix or a complete overhaul.

Why Choose Hoaglandscape?

Expertise, Quality, and Reliability

  • Master Certified Contractors: As a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, we bring a high level of expertise and quality to every project.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: We offer free phone consultations and warranties on our workmanship, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.
  • Award-Winning Service: Our commitment to excellence in pond repair and renovation has earned us recognition in the industry.