How To Create An Enchanting Water Garden In Belmont

This step-by-step guide will show you how to transform your outdoor space into an enchanting water garden in Belmont. With Hoaglandscape’s expertise in water features and landscaping, you can easily create a serene oasis right in your own backyard. From koi ponds to pondless waterfalls, let us help you bring the beauty and tranquility of […]

Enhancing Your Pond: Key Renovations for Optimal Enjoyment

Close-up of vibrant pink lotus flower in bloom.

Ponds can be a beautiful and functional addition to any property, providing a serene environment and a habitat for various plants and wildlife. Renovating your pond can significantly enhance its usability and aesthetic appeal, as demonstrated by our owner, Brian of Hoaglandscape, who recently completed several strategic renovations to his pond. These changes not only […]

Reviving Your Water Oasis

Bringing Life Back to Your Water Oasis: Tips & Tricks Tucked away in the resplendent corners of your backyard, your water oasis – a pond or pool – often requires rejuvenation to maintain its serene allure. With the right strategies, transforming your water features into thriving ecosystems teeming with life, radiating clarity, and offering solace […]

Transform Your Pond with Hoaglandscape: Renovation, Makeover, Expansion, and Repair

A beautiful, well-maintained pond can be the heart of your garden. If your pond needs a refresh or repair, consider the following services from Hoaglandscape: Pond Renovation Revitalizing an aging pond can breathe new life into your garden. Hoaglandscape’s pond renovation services focus on updating designs to reflect contemporary styles while maintaining harmony with the […]